“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.”

-Elliot Masie

At ICEAT we are full engaged with the exciting opportunities for education offered by technology. As technology has developed and the eLearning industry has continued to grow, we believe the eLearning solutions have increasingly been able to offer powerful opportunities to enhance teaching and learning for all.

That is why we have embraced and become fully involved with the rapidly growing eLearning sector. Through the knowledge and experience of our partners MKCL, with their advanced eLearning solutions, through our utilization of Rosetta Stone’s industry leading expertise and software, or through our understanding of Pearson’s excellent eLearning support, we are invested heavily in the possibilities offered by eLearning. 

By utilizing the power of technology, we at ICEAT believe we can empower teachers to teach, and learners to learn at their full potential. By blending autonomous, independent learning with face-to-face support, through technology, we aim to create a fully immersive, reactive learning environment.