Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet

-Henry Mintzberg

We at ICEAT have played a key role at King Saud University’s Preparatory Year Program, the Kingdom’s most prestigious and ambitious foundation project and the worlds largest English language program, since 2009. Through this role we have gained invaluable experience in the challenges involved with the successful delivery of preparatory year programs in Saudi Arabia. This experience has and will continue to prove invaluable to our partners.
We have learnt invaluable lessons, we have witnessed first hand the highs and lows and we have observed the strategies that were successful and those that were not. This has enabled our highly qualified and internationally experienced team to gain comprehensive knowledge of the methods, programs and curriculums that lead to better results within the Saudi education system, as well as those that do not.
By combining our teams expertise with our unrivalled experience of delivering successful foundation programs here in Saudi Arabia, we are uniquely placed to provide stable, efficient, tried and tested excellence in academic management.