Taibah University



Taibah University was established by royal decree with the integration of King Abdulaziz University and Muhammed bin Saud University, in 2003. Since it’s establishment the university has grown to include 22 distinguished colleges, each seeking to reflect the deep-rooted past and Islamic identity of the area while coexisting with the present. Through this approach Taibah University has succeeded in building a strong reputation as a highly distinguished university in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In recent years, by building partnerships with the community, Taibah University has worked to introduce a new model for academic education. Through focusing on the importance of continuous improvement at the University, and by promoting a robust educational community at the colleges that collaborates with the local community, Taibah University has succeeded in producing citizens capable of invention and competition on the world stag.

We are proud to be involved in the project at Taibah University in Medina.