King Faisal University

On Thursday  the 7th of August 1975 the University in Hofuf, in the Eastern Province opened upon Royal decree. Over the years the University has expanded considerably. In 1981 the decision was made to establish the College of Education and subsequently the College of Business Administration 2 years later. Since then more and more colleges have opened at The University of Hofuf, leading to the 16 college we have today.
On February the 5th 1998, His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud laid the foundation stone for the first phase of the new Campus of King Faisal University. Until today KFU remains a monument and a beacon of knowledge in the Kingdom, and close to the heart of the community.
Our sister company MKCL Arabia has managed the IT sector of the Preparatory Year Program since 2010 with great success and KFU. Due to the work of our IT instructors and our world class blended learning methodology, the students of the KFU have achieved am incredible 95% pass rate on the program.
MKCL has recently won another five year contract with the university after demonstrating tremendous success and client satisfaction.